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2002-10-24 01:47:33 (UTC)

Cutie pie Andrea

Her name is Andrea. She is too cute! i just want to hug her
and not let her go. I met at the distillers show at the
glass house in pomona. Its kinda weird. My sister and i
were just standing there in line in back of these two
really pretty girls. One named Andrea and the other
Jessica. Andrea really caught my eye for some reason.Well
while we were standing there, Jessica wanted to go buy some
cancer sticks and told us to watch Andrea. As she walked
away i looked at Andrea. She was sooooo fuckin pretty,i
mean i usually check out girls but she was so pretty i
didnt want to check her out, i just wanted to stare at her
for a while, then when shes not looking i can let my eyes
slowly look at her body. Yah after that i was like...awh.i
am so jealous of her she has a body and is cute. I remember
he talking to me about my voids t-shirt i was wearing. Then
i decided that i should keep talking to her cause there
might be a chance that shes bi or something.I forgot what i
was asking i just know that what ever was coming out of my
mouth was making me look retarded. I already know i looked
stupid, today was the worst day to spike my hair. I mean it
was extra hot, and the fact that my hair is way to long to
spike made it even worst. My spikes got all limp but hey
who cares! Fuck people, if they dont like me. I dont like
them!.. Anyways. Jessica came back and then we all started
to talk. It was cool. Every time Jessica would talk i would
be staring at Andrea. I hoped that she wasnt thinking i was
a freak or anything for staring at her. I mean it wasnt
like i was just looking at her all the time. Just when ever
she wasnt paying attension i would stare. I couldnt help
it. She was so pretty. Well as we were at the front of the
line they went in and i thought that i would never see them
again. Kinda being depressed and my sister wanting to go to
the front of the stage we walked up there. I was just about
to get over Andrea when i looked in front of me and there
she was. I was like...thank you god! even though i dont
really believe in him. Jessica and my sister started to
talk again about who knows what, while i was checking out
the cute girl in front of me. As all four of us got to know
each other Jessica started talking about the internet and
then andrea started talking about it. I had the internet i
just really didnt go on much. Jessica asked me for my
screen name and told me that she would instant message me
when ever she saw me on. I was just amazed in what a great
day this was. I get to see the guy i am in love with play
the drums(Travis barker in the transplants), the girl im in
love with(brody from the distillers), and im meeting this
really cute, sexy looking, cool chick that i will get to
talk to on the internet. After the music and the most pits
started up, our little group split up. They went their way
and we went ours. This show was so great. I seen this guy
that i met online and got to most and hang with him, and i
got to do some buddy buddy moshing with this really short
but hot punker guy with long ass spikes. As i was moshing i
stood to talk with the guy and i saw Andrea. I didnt know
she was into moshing. Totally a plus!..This girl was too
cute. After that day i went online and couldnt get off.
When she first IMed me my heart started beating so fast.
After that its been like a dream. As of now, we still talk.
And im still on her jock.

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