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2001-08-07 06:27:40 (UTC)

So few words.....

not much changes.....

Lafinass: are you thinking about becoming a stripper then?
Lollers17: no
Lollers17: not me
Lafinass: too busy?
Lollers17: it's just not for me
Lollers17: i think i'll stick to private shows for my

not much at all......

Lafinass: *Calvin sits idle at his computer screen.*
Lafinass: [Calvin] I'm bored......
faeriesinmyhead: what?
faeriesinmyhead: did you scare them all away?
Lafinass: *Hobbes walks into the room with an amused
expression on his face.*
Lafinass: [Calvin] what are you grinning about?
faeriesinmyhead: heehee
Lafinass: *He hands Calvin a survielance photo with a
faerie making quite rude gestures at it.*
faeriesinmyhead: heehee
Lafinass: *Calvin's face clouds over and he reflexively
reaches for his gun.*
Lafinass: [Calvin] Sound general quarters.
Lafinass: *Hobbes salutes lazily and picks up the intercom
Lafinass: *The intercom comes to life throughout Charles'
faeriesinmyhead: *still giggling)
Lafinass: [Hobbes] Listen up you lazy mother fuckers!! All
voices report to the ready room right this fucking minute!
Lafinass: *The room shudders violently and fires break out
throughout his mind.*
Lafinass: *Calvin is swearing profusely as he stares in
disbelief at the external moniters.*
faeriesinmyhead: (actually fairyland is under serious
repression. I even washed the sweatshirt. it smells like
downey now)
Lafinass: *Hobbes stands up and brushes himself off.*
Lafinass: [Calvin] The faeries can wait. Get some damage
control teams in here, protect the core..... it is going to
faeriesinmyhead: that's more like it, i hope th ecore is in
your head
Lafinass: *The lights in the room dim as the shuddering
Lafinass: *A distant thud can be heard from the recesses of
Charles' mind.*
Lafinass: [Calvin] SHIT!
faeriesinmyhead: (mandi takes out the popcorn)
faeriesinmyhead: you gonna live?
Lafinass: *Calvin glances at Hobbes who shrugs with supreme

[Hobbes] we knew something like this might happen..... *He
salutes* it was good serving under your command sir.

*Calvin's reply is lost as the failing core collapses and
the fuel reserves ignite. There is a blinding flash of
light and it is over.*

*Were there anyone to see it, the two Voices died
valiently. Neither one flinched in the moment of intense
pain before they were incinerated.*
faeriesinmyhead: noooooo
faeriesinmyhead: how can the voices die?

faeriesinmyhead: charles? hello?
faeriesinmyhead: nope
faeriesinmyhead: i reject that ending
Lafinass: i'm sorry.... that is the way it was written
faeriesinmyhead: okay, where's my cheesy soap opera revival
faeriesinmyhead: mandi need all of charles in operation
here thankyouverymuch
Lafinass: i'm sorry
faeriesinmyhead: (mandi throws a mild tantrum)
Lafinass: it is far from the end of the world for you
Lafinass: *sigh*
Lafinass: "the hardest lessons in life are free"

This will undoubtedly not affect the growth patterns of the
faeries.... the Voices were quite ineffectual at
eliminating them.

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