Katie & Kora

Kinky Chronicles
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2002-10-24 01:16:08 (UTC)

wow....long time no write...lol

hey hey people. I havent really had the time to write in
here for awhile. Kora and I had a spell where we werent
really talking so the diary got pushed to the side. Things
seem to be going good now though.
So last Friday was definetly an interesting night. A bunch
of us gurls hung out at a friends house and got absolutly
hammered and then went to some bush party here in town.
There wasnt too many people there but enough. I went out
with some guy names T*l*r hahaha..and yeah. We wont talk
about that. Alot of shit happened..lets just say that.
Kinda something that shouldnt have happened. Oh well. Shit
happens I guess..right?? Lets just say I scored
hahaha ...and I mean SCORE. Kora knows what I am talking
about. But yeah I rate him out of 10...a 20. He was good.
But anyways. School is going good I guess...apart from this
chick thats harressing me but she can stick it where the
sun dont shine. hehehe. Anyways I gotta jet. Ciao


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