Life as I know it.
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2001-08-07 06:12:38 (UTC)

do you know the muffin man.?

Did you ever find out things that you just wish you didnt
know? SO Today I was talking to my friend Ian, whom I
actually did date once upon a time, okay almost a year
ago...we dated and I thought he wasnt interested in me as a
potential girlfriend and i dont know i guess my lovely
little fear of rejection got the best of me and i backed
off and just made him my friend...well i was talking to him
about how does one know if a date went well and he was all
bitchy saying "why should I tell you you never gave me a
chance!" Ah isnt that nice...eventho he has a girlfriend i
told him to look me up when he is back here in Pittsburgh
from school...hes a grad student up North. He was
like "are you serious cause i thought you were blowing me
off" i wasnt really...ok maybe, but i dont know why i
did...if i had a good reason i dont remember it but im
guessing insecurity...he's cool as hell, who knows. Thats
why he was all bitter when i used to talk to matt, it all
makes sense. So I said next time he comes here which will
probably be later this month i owe him dinner.

oh and i still didnt email model boy cause i still dont
know what the fuck to say...i was so trashed wshen i hit on
him but i remember him. so i dont know if i made an ass out
of myself or not so that s why im also holding back.