My Heart and Soul....
2002-10-24 00:42:25 (UTC)

Why Am I Like This?

Ok....so I guess I've been asked whats wrong too many times
today. So I'll tell you, since apparently everyone is DYING
to know. I'm depressed. Yea. Thats it. Now you wanna know
why? Well since you all insisit...I will tell you.

To being with: This is a hard time of year. If you haven't
noticed, I am less than one week short of the 2 year
anniversary of getting dumped by Mr.Barrymore. Hello? Don't
you think I have a right to be upset a little of the time??
I guess you have to have gone through it to understand.
Being with someone, being naive, and stupid. Then getting a
reality check one afternoon, and suddenly BAM you're
worthless, and it was all a HUGE mistake on his part. My
bad. :-

What else? David. Yea, I miss him more than anything. Why?
Because I have never been that happy. Things got crappy the
last week or so, but other than that, I was just blissful. I
would take him back in a heartbeat. All I need to hear is
"I'm sorry" and I would go right back to his arms, and
forgive him. That upsets me, because apparently, he has
forgotten all about me. No calls, no nothing. That kills me.
How can you love someone so much, while they don't feel at
all the same. And WHY do I always end up being the one
losing my heart to these assholes??????????? Am I really
that naive and stupid??

Wow...I guess that explains it, huh? So next time, before
you go crawling all over your significant other, while you
are asking me whats wrong, think twice, and have a little
consideration. I'm sorry if I'm pissy. I can't help it, and
I don't get on my medication for another week or so. I guess
you'll have to deal, huh??

I still love you all. "Thank you for being a friend..."

All My Love,


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