i'll tell you later

(catchy title to come later)
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2001-08-07 05:43:49 (UTC)


so - aparentlly i have become too vague for C's tastes -
and my indecision roblem has risen to intollerable levels -
or maybe her tolerance for it has just lowered . . . . i
dunno - and aparentlly i wasn't outwardly happy enough and
her family kept (seperately) asking her what was wrong with
me - i am really beginning to not lke her family - esp mom
and lil(15) sis - big(22) sis is fine - fun to joke around
with - and big sis's BF who i knew and dispised long time
ago - is actually pretty cool . . . dad is weird - but
funny and i think he actually lke me - but its prolly jsut
b/c i laugh at his weird jokes - but most of the time its
jsut cuz they are so odd and off the wall - i am ignorant
to the whole sibling thing so when they all get together
and bicker about the dumbest things it is so alien to me -
and i don't know how to fit in the conversation . . .

no more writing - till i figure out if i need to make a new
journal or not . . . .