2002-10-23 23:53:11 (UTC)

Happified :D

Heyz peoplez, well I just got home and finished eating. I
had a craving for egg, sausage links, keptchup, and kool-
aid. Yeah, so I had to cook for myself. So wack, its not
like I hate cooking its just that I dont really know how
to cook besides basic things so that sux big time. Yeah
well today wasnt a so bad day. The things that are going
on I cant really say because of my own personal reasons
and so many backstabbers out there. Yeah well my baby went
to his friends house so I cant talk to him right now until
he gets home like around 6 or something. Im kinda sleepy
and tired and cold so imma take a nap now. Im sorry that I
didnt have anything good to write. Latez loke.