Modern Buffet Theory
2001-08-07 05:04:17 (UTC)

sweet november

i'm not sure why i decided to start this online journal. i
guess i did it because i remember my english professor
saying it was a good thing to do. i also want to get some
things off my mind, this seems like a good way to do it.
i just finished watching sweet november. i thought it was a
pretty good movie. sad though, i almost... well, it made
me think about - someone. i hate watching these movies and
feeling this way afterwards.
it was so hot today. it was hotter than vietnam out
there. maybe that's why i didn't feel like going to the
gym. i'm making myself go tomorrow though. i need to go.
i went to fair oaks today with andy, i volunteered to go
with him to get new tires put on his dads wagon. normally
i wouldn't have gone but i haven't seen him in a while so
it was nice to catch up on things. i actually made myself
dinner at home today. fish sticks and orange almond
salad. that was a great dinner. well, i'm going to sleep