Nick's Journal
2002-10-23 20:49:57 (UTC)

I got an F and it's a nice day

Yeah, i failed my finance assignment. so what? i swear
to god. that stupid fucking monkey raping t.a. that
grades those assignments is satan's spawn. the teacher is
by far the coolest guy alive (and really fucking smart, he
predictes the stock market with unbelievable accuracy).
the t.a. how ever is a son of a bitch who has some sort of
issues. what i couldnt' believe is that the teacher
remembered my first and last name, i had talked to him 4
weeks ago (about how his t.a. was a little child-molesting
shithead), and he remembered me out of like a bazzilion
people. damnnnnnn.
so then i walked around a little today, and it's just so
beautiful out. the leaves are turning the fiery red of
fall, and there's a slight brisk aire to the ummmmmm air.
despite the fact that it heated up substantially today,
it's been really pleasant out and life is really just
great. i wish that current affairs were the same.
atleast the stock market is raping people on a regular
basis now.
well anyhow, today i realized how fucked up time is. i
mean there i was sitting in german and all i wanted to do
was get the fuck out!! but it just dragged on and on and
on. and then i thought of how, after lifting, i walk with
john and hang out by myself for one and a half hours and
it goes by like nothing. that is some crazy as shit,
thank god i'm the first one to come up with this original
the next thing i have to utter is this new stupid trend
i've realized which is parodied in the website
what the hell is up with white people being completely
smitten if they're liked by a black person? what the hell
is wrong with you people? it's not that the friendship of
a black person isn't worth it or so, it's you
have to hodl them up like a trophy? that has to be
demeaning. "hey this is my black friend......isn't he you can't have him he's MY black friend."
jesus people.
you never hear people get all excited over their hispanic
friends. or their asian friends. it's always black
friends. especially in the gym. there the white muscle
mongrels will just go apeshit if they see a black friend.
they'll usually do this.
"WHAT'S UP BROOOOOOOO!" then that dumbass high five into
hand shake pull the other person close clap each other on
the back, rape each other in the ass, greeting. jesus.
they look so fake and stupid i just want to puke.
i mean it's defiently a trend of our times to have a black
friend. i mean look at mtv. but holding another person up
as a trophy just because they're the race of the times
right now is absolutely ridiculous. respect people to not
treat them like your prize catch.

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