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my journal for lisa
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2001-08-07 04:25:04 (UTC)

for lisa

Hey everyone. The only reason im making this journal crap
is cuz one of my very good friends asked me to make one for
her, and only write about her in it. So here goes
nothing. My friend's name that wants me to write about her
is Lisa Stang. In my opinion i dont think she looks bad in
anyway. She is about 5' 6" inches, is soooooo funny, a
great person to hang out with, a wonderful personality,
mediocre boobs, aight butt, dirty blonde hair, and just
told me about 4 days ago that she is almost head over heels
in love with me, and has had some feelings for me since
school endend. Just for the record, school is about to
start back up again in a few weeks. I have a girlfriend
now, and feel kinda bad, but i kinda have some feelings for
her too now. My girlfriend doesnt live here anymore, cuz
she moved to Oman in the Middle East a while ago, and comes
to visit every summer. This year we hooked up and its been
goin pretty good. But shes leaving on August 28th. I hope
after that me and Lisa can get together. Thats all i have
to say for now.

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