Life Sux Then You Die
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2001-08-07 04:20:34 (UTC)

Day: 31 (wrote some poems, and the internet connection sux)

Ahh, good ol' aol...damn it sux...-_- It sux..I am
bored..roadrunner isn't working...AIM isn't working...MSN
isn't working..all because of damn tropical storm barry...I
wrote some poems...wanna read?

Not Fair

Out of the shadows
comes the terminator,
it isnt a knife a bomb,
or even if its detonator.
It's long and silver
and has an unblinking stare
when you play its game
it doesn't play fair.
The cold hallway
is lit up with a bright flare,
there is a scream and some crying
as some people grab their hair
Then there is another flare
then another
who screamed now? a friend?
a teacher? or maybe your brother?
there are choked cries
as people huddle together
you get to your knees
and start to wither
the cry of others
and the smell of blood
is unbearing as it
collects and floods
you hear footsteps
and a rattling of chains
then a roar as
loud as the trains
a bright light
blinds your eyes
people look
and hush their cries
a big beast
dressed in blue
screams, "GET DOWN!"
and runs past you
Your eyes dart from the door
to the beast running
and you decide your gonna be tough
brave and very cunning
You start to stand
and try to run
but you hear the crack
and flare of a gun
You fall down
and start to cry
you mutter
"I'm sorry mom...goodbye.."

In Between

In between you two
is like a hunter and his dog
who also bring their pet cockatoo
I like both of you
but what you dont know is
i get left out in the blue
alright alright i might be exaggerating
but you talk to eachother
more then we have in days of 150
ok ok doing it there too
but you dont understand
i dont know what to do
nevermind this thing
get it out of your head
who cares? you don..end of

Do you care?

You dont care if im here or not
it wouldnt matter to you if i die and rot
no tears would be shed
no rose petals on my bed
in my life i was alone
in my life i was thrown
tossed, ripped, torn
Do you even remember when i was born?
Do you care?
You point and stare
giggling, snickering, pointing, names called
beating, tripped, alone, fallen
you dont care one bit
not one bit
all i can do is sit and cry
and wonder wh, oh why
why is it me?

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