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2002-10-23 19:57:13 (UTC)

bully proofing/Jordan

This year our school is doin a bully proofing unit.
Inside the unit it talks about the sickness' and the
deppression associated with bullying. I think that they
realized there was a problem when a lot of the people in my
school had problems with being deppressed. I wish we would
have had the unit last year cuz then I would have realized
sooner what was wrong with me and wouldn't have gone
through so many months of being sick everyday. It was
almost like a self reflection as I listened to our school
counsler explain what some people go through being sick
everyday with headaches and stomaches from being so
depressed. Loneliness, depression, all of the simptoms he
explained to the class with (I'm sure) Chealsea and I in
mind. I'm so much happier after last year and would never
go back not for anything.
Jordan is my drama club buddy! I was tellin him about
my online diary and he asked me if he was in here and I
said no. So now I just have to write him in. Jordan if
you're reading this I guess you proved me wrong and did
find my diary! ( I know he won't though!) Jordan's a
sweetie, he's funny and definatly a cutie. And most of
all.......he's here.....with me. This whole Matt long
distance thing is really hard and don't get me wrong I do
love him, but sometimes it's hard to realized that the time
we had together wasn't a dream. It just all seemed so
perfect!!! Jordan's like my "here" homie. I kinda flirt
with him but try to not open up too much cuz I'm kinda of
afraid of what will happen. Keeping my distance I guess you
could say.

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