No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2002-10-23 19:52:56 (UTC)

my day

You're saying all the right things, finding new ways to
express yourself and looking at people in a whole new
light. Forget being afraid. Laughing feels awesome.
I like that. It's my horoscope for today. I need to get
some balls. lol. I need to just freaking talk to Terry and
get this al sorted out. I am getting all sorts of mixed
signals and I just need to straighten it out.
My mom needs to calm her white ass down too. She is really
pissing me off, and that isn't cool at all. She thinks she
is doing what's best for me, when in all actuality, she is
making things worse. It's driving me nuts and she yells at
me when I try to say something. Myabe I'll e-mail her. I
can't talk to her becasue she yells at me, but she actually
checks her I might as well.
*sigh* I'm gunna jet.