Dick Doomsday

Pathetic Punk
2002-10-23 19:28:30 (UTC)

*insert girly giggle here*

well.....school was tons of fun today.

there's this superly super cute guy in my first class. and
i barely started talking to him recently...like last
monday. anyways....i talked to him today. after our class
since we got out early, i was standing outside my next
class (which happenes to be right next to my first class)
and he comes out of out first class and we just start

he's sooooooooooooooo utterly cute. and he's funny, and
he's cute. :-P he has the sexiest smile i have ever seen.
*sigh* i likes a lot.

anywho, right before my class started he had to go to his
other class. BUT after my class i saw him standing right
outside. WOOHOO!!! And he asked how my class was and i
said "Boring. we're learning stuff i already know." and he
was like "thats cuz Angie's the best." and thats a
double "WOOHOO!" cuz 1)he actually knows my name and 2)he
thinks im the best!!!!

so right now im in a good mood. and i get to go to work in
a little while and today Tommy works!!!!

i love good days.

oh yeah! ashley's getting her own place! she moves in on
the first! so party at her NEW house!!! i love my
ashley!!!! i'm glad things are working out for her.

anyways....i gotta pee and get ready for work.

ps.....i love mark.