ryan YC schim

how ryans been doin lately?
2002-10-23 15:58:16 (UTC)

for the past couple days

shy has still been goin through shit, everyday its
something new, i am staying worryied and for no reason i
feel depressed, the friends i talk to during these times
are worryied bout me because its not healthy...i dont know
whats wrong with me but all i truely want is just one
fuckin week of happiness, all this shit keeps coming at me
and keeping me down, my parents, school, friends jus
everything keeps adding up and i dont know how much longer
i can take it, i feel depressed all the time and i only
want to feel better and for shit to stop happening to the
ones i care about (mainly shy shes got the worst shit)
last night she was supposed to call me but didnt, she
ended up getting jumped i guess and her sisters didnt call
me back after they said they would...it jus sux not
knowing whats wrong and then being told the next morning
when u wake up, it doesnt start your day off to well and
now im pissed, i gotta go to class now after getting
bitched at by my mom bout this class, life sux, what am i
to do? i jus want to be fuckin happy but more n more shit
keeps coming i hate this shit!!! fuck it im out