I never wanted a desk job...
2002-10-23 15:56:30 (UTC)

Piercings and other new experiences...

Well, I just figured out that I can change the password on
here, so now I can come write more often. I just hated the
extra steps of going into that confirmation e-mail, copying
that series of numbers, and pasting it into this. Lazy, I
know, but that's just me.

I know it's already Wednesday (THANK GOD), but I'm going to
talk about my weekend anyway. Some friends from various
parts of the Northwest US all met up in Kalispell, and we
spent the weekend drinking and pretending we were single.
It was great. I was VERY good, though, when the rest of my
crew decided to go 'hook' up with the boys they met, I went
to the hotel and passed out. I already get great sex
whenever I want it, why bother dealing with some other boy
I'm not comfortable with?

But my biggest event of the weekend came on Saturday, when
we headed over to a tatoo shop. B had always wanted to get
her nipple pierced, and we decided that this was going to
be the day. Thing is, when we got there, she got cold
feet. We stood around arguing with her for a few minutes,
when I got an idea. I've always wanted to get my nose
pierced, so I offered a solution.

"Hey B., I've always wanted to get my nose pierced, but
have been too chicken. If you get your nipple done, I'll
do my nose."

And B.'s reply, of course, was "You will? Okay!"

So we filled out the neccessary paperwork, and in went B.
The rest of us stood at the door for moral support. It
went allright, she didn't pass out or anything...One down,
two to go. J. went in next, she just had a loop put in her
ear cartledge. Easy enough.

Last was me. I was wondering why he waited to do me last,
but oh well. I made sure my nose was clean (no boogers!)
and sat down. I had decided on my right side (figure it'll
be easier to change the jewelery later), and as he cleaned
my nose, I asked what the pain was like. "Not bad", he
said as he marked the spot and put the clamp on, "but your
eyes are gonna water like a mofo." As soon as he finished
that sentence, pow! I felt the needle go through my
nostril and I about fainted, it hurt so bad. THEN he put
the screw in, and I about passed out again. My eyes were
streaming, and I didn't know if it was blood or tears
threatening my favorite tank top (it shows off my tits very
well). Luckily it was tears, and four days later now, it
feels great, and I don't regret it one bit. They say that
when you get a piercing, that body part becomes your
favorite. Well, I've always hated my nose, so this may
change my views on that! I'm just looking forward to this
healing so I can buy all kinds of new jewelery!

But anyway, we had a great time. Drank entirely too much
the whole time we were there, but it was fun. But now I'm
back to the hellhole... My cube-mate was gone Monday and
Tuesday, thank god, but now he's back and ready to cause
waves in the department again. But the other guy is
thrilled to have him back, now he's not the only guy in the
department. And my sweetie, M, is leaving for the next few
days to go see his ex-wife and his kids...one of the
waitresses at the resturaunt he works at has to go to some
church convention in the same town that his ex lives in, so
he's going to hitch a ride down there on Thursday morning
and come back Saturday night. I'm excited for him to go,
he hasn't seen his daughters in a while, but I will miss
him (of course)! But he has mentioned coming with me to
see my parents at X-mas time, which is a good thing,
because to deal with my parents takes a lot of patience,
and I must mean a hell of a lot to him if he's willing to
HIM SO BAD! Our 2-YEAR anniversary is next month, and I'm
trying to hard to be patient, but dammit, I want him to
propose! He knows I'm ready, he just needs to figure out
if he is.

Okay, this is turning into a book. Who knows if anyone
even reads these, who cares, but I needed to vent. So
thanks for listening!

Love, B