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2001-08-07 02:49:52 (UTC)

My summer..

Well I don't really know what to say about my summer.. I
guess I could say I have had a pretty good summer although
I really haven't went anywhere on vacation or anything but
i mean i don't think i have nothing to complain about. I
mean for most of the summer I had basketball and stuff, and
i had fun at open gyms, scrimmages, shootouts, and
everything else we did. The only bad thing that has came
out of my summer is where i have tore up my ankle so much
and it still bothers me after i have had like 3 weeks off
from open gyms and stuff. But I don' tknow I guess i'll be
alright some time or another.. I still can't believe that
we only have 2 weeks of summer is just so hard to
believe that i will be a junior. I still remember the
first day of high school and how scared i was to be going
to a new school and that don't even seem like that long ago
and now I am one of the upper classmen..very hard to
One reason that my summer was good was because it was
really good to just get away from everything at school
including a lot of the people. I mean I have talked to the
people who are my friends and stuff, but like some people
that got on my nerves i haven't even tried to get a hold of
them all summer. I mean there are some people that ih
aven't talked to all summer that i would like to like sarah
and Julie huddle but i mean they could get a hold of me
just as easy as i could them. I hate to always be the one
calling people I feel like i am always bothering them or
I haven't talked to Coach Hughes since we went to columbus
in the middle of July. I mean for some reasons I miss
talking to her but I guess it was good to get a way from
here for a while before basketball season gets here.
Because last year we was all always arguing with her about
stupid stuff.. So I guess it is better that we get a break
from her...but i don' tknow!
Well I guess that is all for now...!

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