listen to my silences
2002-10-23 13:44:14 (UTC)

getting away from high school bs

FINALLY i'm going away from all of this crap. i'm sick and
tired of dealing with people who act like they are TWO
YEARS OLD when they're quite a bit older than that. QUITE
A BIT. MATURE for god's sake. please. and for the sake
of everyone else around you. not for my sake as i don't
care anymore.

so how am i getting away? i'm transferring to university
of evansville. spring semester. that way i can keep my
scholarship of twenty eight thousand dollars and not have

plus i was going to go there anyways. until i thought i
knew what i was going to do with my life and i was having
more health problems. so i came here, to uofl. and i was
WRONG IN THAT DECISION. i mean yeah it was probably good
that i came here for health reasons, but i'd have dealt. i
don't regret coming here first semester. really i don't.
at all. i've made a lot of friends here, good friends,
true friends. and i've had a lot of fun. i'm going to
miss that. but i'll have it again i'm sure. and the
friendships that i want to keep i will. BELIEVE ME I WILL.

so now you're all wondering is she talking about me? the
ONLY hsers that i don't want to leave are brodie, jenn, and
jonathon. but i'll be up to see you guys and i'll let you
know when i'm coming.

those that i've MET in college i'm going to miss. but i've
got numbers and i'll use them.

i'm not just going to evansville to get away from things.
i really want to go there. the campus is great, i visited
last january. and the people there are cool, really
friendly and fun. i had an awesome time there. and i
already know where some things are so i won't get too lost.

i don't know where i'm going to live yet...maybe in a dorm
but i think it might be too late for that. so maybe with
my aunt and uncle for a semester or an apartment right
away. brodie's going to usi in the fall so that'll be cool
and it would be awesome to get an apartment together.

final thought: at peace. finally. yay!