Endless abyss of nonsense and sorrows
2002-10-23 07:19:38 (UTC)

Oct 23

Black fingernail Polish...
Somthing I thought that I would never see myself wear
well that changed..
it doesnt look that bad actually

I have officially been titled the only goth in the school.
I guess that means im a goth.. haha
I dont see where they get the idea...
I only wear all black...
Dark eyeliner....
Black Nailpolish....
Dark Eyliner...
Black Spike neclace...
Black bracelet.......
ok i see now.

haha.. thats funny cause i really wansnt intending on
going "goth"... i was just wearing black. Now im the only
goth in our school. People yell "theres that christian
gothic girl!" I have no clue what to think of it.

I had another Jury Duty today. It was pretty fun. now all
i have left is about 4 hours of community service and 1
more jury duty and I will be done.

My butt is in pain!!!
JV - Slapped it REALLY hard
Seth - GRABBED it
Friend - Took chair from underneath me while i was sitting,
landed on my butt.
Friend - Threw a voleyball at my bruised butt.


I think i should sit on an ice pack or something

Well I gotta go... k? Ill write some other time