Nick's Journal
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2002-10-23 06:25:45 (UTC)

Getting Started this is my first journal entry. I think I'll
just write whatever comes to mind to get things started.
After all, my writing does tend to mimic stream of

My name is Nick and I am a freshman at Drexel
University in Philly. I'm studying bioscience, but don't
ask why. For as long as I can remember, I've always
wanted to be a cartoonist, and I am very talented in art,
however I am a lazy mofo who doesn't feel like devoting
that much time to just be an artist. Anyway, where was
I? Oh yeah, so I am in bioscience hopefully so I will
make a lot of cash one day and be really rich. Isn't that
what everyone wants here?

College life is great. I'm finally away from my house
and all its rules, but at the same time I do miss my mom
and sister. After all, they are the only family I really
have back there since my cousins are all abnormal and my
aunt is a crazy lady who should have been a nun but
wasn't. Then again, I'm glad to be away from all my mom's
nagging. After 18 years of bickering and fighting, its
good to have a break.

I miss all my friends from home. Well, only the ones I
am good friends with. My best friend is up at University
of Michigan, and I doubt that after college we will be
best friends anymore. I barely talk to him now, and I
have known him for my entire life. My other really good
friend is at Penn State, but hates it. He's gonna go to
Rutgers. I saw him over our 3-day Columbus day break. We
hung out which was a good change from the college dorm
kids, as well as easing my nostalgia.

The kids in my dorm are all cool, don't get me wrong
about that. But, I think I am already getting sick of
some of them. All in all, though, I get along with them
and we have a good time. I met a kid up hear from a city
not to far from my hometown and we've become real good
friends. We're going to his house to work at his dad's
haunted corn maze this weekend. Should be fun.

There is also this girl up here who I think has caused
some people a lot of personal problems. However, I won't
get into that right now as I was already able to vent my
feelings to a friend of mine the other day.

Moving on, classes are incredible. My math teacher is
so messed up. She can't talk right, so me and my friend
Andy from frosh orientation just make fun of her
constantly but mimicing her voice. All my other classes
are basically simple, for now.

Im also on a flag football team which consists of just
about every guy on our floor who wanted to play. We are
undefeated and are really good. I think we have a chance
at winning our school's championship, but I don't want to
jinx us so I am knocking on wood right now. So far we are

Most of the time when I am at Drexel, I just want to
sleep or go home. It's very boring here, and the kids do
tend to get on my nerves sometimes. But then again I've
always been a loner with only a few friends and that is
how I like it. Yet I've also noticed myself changing here
from the kids I was back in highschool. The other day I
was going through all my buddies on aim and their buddy
info. This girl from my high school had a really good
quote on that said, "you need to let go of who you were in
order to become who you will be." I think that quote is
very inspiring.

Well its about 2:25 in the morning and I have class later
today at 9. But for some reason I am not tired so I will
just continue to keep writing in this journal thing about
whatever pops into my mind.

Im part of the program big brothers/big sisters and my
big bro Ric aka Stick and I have been paired together for
almost 11 years now. But I haven't seen him in over a
month and that really pisses me off since we would hang
out at least once every two weeks. He's cool, and has a
family of his own. He has a little girl who is maybe a
year or two old. I'm her "uncle" which is really neat.
It will be cool to watch her grow up and whatnot. But I'm
still pissed about not hanging out with my bro. I could
always talk to him about anything which was really cool.

Something else that just popped into my head. The
whole reason why I started writing in this thing was
because I noticed a girl I used to like who is still in
the high school I graduated from had an online journal. I
was checking hers out and it seemed like a good idea for
me to write one. It would be like the memoirs of my
life. I was thinking about her a lot today, and how I
missed talking to her. She was a really cool person so I
will probably try to get in touch with her again. She's
suicidal, which isn't cool at all. She thinks that she
isn't very pretty or anything like that, but if you ask
me, I think she's perfect.

Its really funny how the world works. There are so
many things on my mind right now that I just want to write
about to get them off my chest, since I don't talk about
how I feel, which is very unhealthy. If anyone reads this
entire thing and thinks I am weird, that's fine by me.
=] I don't mind being weird as long as you judge me on
who I am and how I act and treat others. After all, my
best friend used to smoke up constantly....something which
I never approved of, but we were still best friends
because of how he acted around me. I don't know what the
point of that story was, but a lot of things I say don't
have a point to them.

So this is where I will leave everyone I guess. I'm
glad I have a place to just write and not be criticised.
I think I'm gonna be using this thing more often.

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