HuMaN NatUre
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2002-10-23 05:47:23 (UTC)

Rigid life

Sometimes I wonder what I would be in the future.. Who am I
or what will I do.. Well I guess thats what many would
think too.. especially if life seems so unpredictable...
man what is life.. that a q that nobody have not asked..

I am sitting here and I see an elder man who is also in the
libary.. His Phone rings... Nice tone.. Took him about 1
mins to take the phone out and then he has to use his
glasses from his shirt pocket to look at the number on the
phone... Knowing that he "cannot" use the phone in the
libary he walks out of the libary with his phone ringing
all the way... A librian wave at him and point at the
exit.. he smiled and nod...

Is everything getting much more rigid or it is just safer
to play by the rules.. Life has no rules as what I know...
But humans set rules on them self... what i see.. it makes
life harder just 4 the easyness of "higher" people.. Yet a
world without rules is just not a place 4 human nature...
The suvival key.. espicially emotional survival in a world
like now.... No rule more human confict or so what I

haha.. there the man again entering the libary......