My Journal...sorta lol
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2002-10-23 05:09:07 (UTC)

screw this hehe 10-22

WOW! This day was gayyyy sucked I had so many
tests and shit and then after school was kinda funny cuz
Brandon took out a shrub lol!! OOPS! hehe Yea so then I
chilled while Nicole got off work so we could go visit her
new favorite person, Dan lol... Yea so we were at cousins
and Angie kept teasing me about dan and whatnot lol It's
like yea get over it, I like him but he's with ash and yea
i might get bitter and jealous but fuck it! I'm through
with being hurt over guys its not worth it anymore... I
gotta be happy with what i got and with what Im gunna have
at any given moment... guy friends can be better anyway! So
yea! then i go to starbucks with Stu (nicole) and Stu goes
have a good night to the guy and hes like u too and points
and gives what i see to be the peace sign and im like whoa
this gay guy is givin us the peace sign and i thought it
was hilarious but nicoles like no he pointed and said u too
and put two fingers up for too and im like OHHHHHH and it
was funny... i guess you had to be there lol so yea then we
go to get V and as we were driving through the neighborhood
stu goes look at that pretty backyard and points to this
garage with lights and some nice decorations on their front
door and im like "Stu, I hate to break it to yah but that's
the front yard" lmao wow we just cracked up but again it
might be one of those u had to be there moments... so yea
then me and v go out... bry and bri had no gas money so we
couldnt chill blah blah so i take v home and then go back
to cousins to be bored and help out cuz steph and dan were
closing... so yea then i give dan a ride home after and
then come home to a dark quiet house and come type this
hehe WHAT A DAY! yea so lets hope tomorrows better cuz i
have a 5 day weekend woo hoo! so im done rambling peace out

NOTE TO READER(S): This entry was written while listening
to Eminem so if it seems harsh and or angry it probably is