Mind of a Wierdo
2001-08-07 00:41:27 (UTC)

Sunny and HOT

Well here I am moving to the sound of Music. Sounds like a
play of some sort. Hahaha. I am listening to Prodigy. Seems
like I listen to it way too much but hey ... nobody is
complaining, YET. Well today I am in a better mood then
yesterday. Couldn't sleep last night cus I was babysitting
Sara (remember boxer pup ... a lil over 8 weeks old) And
she has to sleep with someone or else she wont sleep. So I
was pretty much awake because I was either afraid to roll
over onto the mutt or she kept waking up. Felt like
smothering it. Haha. J/K. Well she was picked up today
around 2:30. Thank God. She is just like a damn kid. You
tell her no and she runs away thinking you are playing. All
you see is this mutt pouncing everywhere. O well. I sat on
my assests and watched tv all day which made me feel like
shnit cus then I might end up doing that for the rest of my
day. O wait lookie, I am still sittin on my assests. Just
not in front of the TV. Damn I feel so lazy. Which reminds
me .... I was supposed to call Vi but I didnt. OOPS
hahahaha O well. Too Bad. Hmmmm .... As far as I am
concerned Chris isnt' home yet. So I think. He didnt call
and he probably won't call because ......... o well
because. I dont kno why. Dont ask me why. I DONT KNO!
Hahaha okay. Well I am supposedly supposed to be leaving
tomorrow. I THINK. I am not sure. If I dont damn .... If I
do damn. Either way I really dont feel like staying and I
really dont feel like going. I want to go so that Chris can
have his space while he is back (he might think that that
is what his trip was for ... but you cant get too much
space) and I dont want to go because I dont want to go.
Lost you didnt I. O well. Maybe I will disappear for a few
days. Then my mom and everyone else would think I am on
this trip and my dad would think I am with my mom. I mean
that would work out perfect but then that would mean that I
would have to go somewhere that I wont run into anyone I
kno or anything. And around here that is pretty hard cus
everyone is everywhere. I mean almost everywhere I go I run
into someone I kno. No matter the time or day or where it
is. That is why life sucks. Can I just go on a trip by
myself with no one else there. O .... I LOVE This song
by 'Puddle of Mudd' called 'control' ... I want the cd
sooooooooo bad. I love the song. 'you cant control me and i
can't control you' Love that line. Hey it is only the
truth. Well I guess I better end this here ............ for
now ........till next time ...................