My So-Called Life
2001-08-07 00:28:04 (UTC)

if this isnt Music, then What is?

Music is beautiful.

It is hard to explain music in one sentence.
I think that with music, someone should be able to
picture the feeling that the artists are displaying. When I
listen to my music, I can see the musicians facial
expressions, how they move, and look. Without even seeing a
video clip. To put so much love, and feeling into music is
what gives this picture. Sure, there are rap people and boy bands and
crap. But, its not the same. With this music, you dont have to
be able to picture what clothes the people are wearing, that doesnt
matter. Music come from time, the love of it, and reality.
Listening to the RHCP, I could see Anthony's facial
expressions, and see how he would be moving to the music.
With John, I could see the energy he put into his guitar.
The same with Flea, slamming down on the strings as though
he could break each one with one more hit. All, putting
everything they've got into their music.
It's amazing to see...

I think I know what music is...