2001-08-07 00:27:58 (UTC)


Well, I got a job a little over two weeks ago, and unlike
some people I know, I love it. I work in the Olde Tyme
Photo shop at Martin's Fantasy Island. Ya' know, where we
dress people up in like victorian costumes or whatever.
Well,I just love working at FI, because of all the new
people I have met. It is soooooo awsome. Like when IU go on
break, It doesn't matter if I know th person, I can sit
with them if they work ther too. Also at the games next to
me, I made friends with this guy Phil, and also this guy
named Charlie. And in the BBQ Barn, this guy Rob will give
us 7up instead of water when we go for refills. I just love
it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!And to any of my friends reading this, Sue
really isn't that bad....BESOS!!!