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2002-10-23 02:29:13 (UTC)

my week so far..since the accident

my car will be fixed in 2 weeks and its going to be at
least $2000. my dad said he will pay for it, and i said i
want to pay him back but he says he wont let me. i am quite
pissed about this. i know that prolly sounds funny, but the
was he is, is he likes to have control over people, and
usually his control is with money, he likes that i need him
to pay for things for me sometimes, and i dont like that. i
dont like people having control over me. i am trying to
think of someway to give him the money....maybe i'll come
up with something...ill worry about that later. he gave me
the internet back, but i only have 60 hours a month...which
sounds like along time, except i have to go on a lot for
school so if i need more then that....i can do the rest at
school. usually when i have to study im online a lot, so i
can do review things and stuff. starting january he is
making it so i only have 10 hours a month b/c ill be done
with school then. so i think then i will get my own
account, i wil be working then so it should be
possible....depends how much insurance and stuff it. i must
decide on the school i want to attend in sept. so i can
apply. i have a british lit. midterm tomarrow, its gonna be nervous. damn it, my head is so filled with
things i cant keep everything straight. i keep zoning out
in my classes and cant pay attention. i sleep terribly b/c
my thoughts overwhelm me and my brain starts racing too
fast to be able to get to sleep. . i got to go to the show
on sunday...kayla ended up driving, that was so nice, b/c i
needed the break very badly, it helped clear my head for a
little while.

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