I have become comfortably numb
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2002-10-23 02:17:16 (UTC)

Thought of a deep soul

Everytime I get happy, someone just has to come along and
try to screw it up. I don't understand why people feel the
need to fuck me over whenever they feel necessary. Most of
the time I don't really do anthing to deserve it. Today,
was a good day, starting off. Then it took a turn for the
worst. Some chick calls me right, and starts talkin to me
(don't even know her). She said she knew me from Middle
School, so I was like ok, and I just kept talking to her.
Well, all of the sudden she pops off with, "hey, didn't
your brother die? In fact didn't like one of your brothers
kill himself, and another one die also, I don't really
remember how they told me it happened. But is that true?"
I got a little suprised and kinda depressed when she
mentioned that and I said yes, cause I mean I wasn't gonna
lie. So then she really fuckin set me off, cause in this
little preppy fuckin smartass voice, she says, "Oh well, I
am sorry to hear that your brother was a fuckin pussy and
couldn't handle his life, and your other brother, well I
guess we can both agree, wrong place wrong time, huh?"
This pissed me off to the extent that I was ready to fuckin
kill, so I basically went off on her, called her almost
every name in the book. Well, then another suprise. My ex
boyfriend gets on the phone and tells me not to cuss at his
cousin. I asked him why he got his bitch ass cousin to
call me and say that shit, that she had absolutely no right
to say. He tells me that it was her place, b/c it was her
opinion and she wanted me to know. Well, then he starts
talkin shit and just to piss me off more he says, "Well,
look it ain't my cousin's fault that your bitch ass brother
couldn't handle his shit. And as for your other brother, I
guess he wanted to join your other brother in hell." Then
he hangs up on me. Do you know how pissed I am right now?
It has been 3 years since my brother Nathan killed himself,
and only a year and a half since my brother Julio died in a
car accident. I just don't know what to do. It wasn't
fair that I lost my brothers period, and now I have people
rubbin it in my face? I don't need this shit.


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