my life
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2002-10-23 02:07:31 (UTC)

17 Bday:)

gosh its been forever since ive written in here. we had
homecoming which was cool except it was too crowded and
hot. all of our band competitions are over thank goodness
cuz im tired of all that crap. we got 4th at JMU:) thats
good compared to how we've done this year..i feel old..i
turned 17 today and it seems a lot older than 16 if that
makes sense to anyone..i understand it:)..my friends threw
me a "surprise" party..haha..they were outside of pizza hut
when i got there so i saw all of em and new what was goin
on. i figured it because certain people were acting weird
and stuff was just adding up..it was cool though. im having
another party or whatever later this week which ought to
fun or somethin like that. not really anythings new..well
some stuff is but i wont go into that on here cuz well i
have my reason..well im tired of writing for now so
hopefully ill be back before long.