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2002-10-23 01:01:46 (UTC)

: D

Well today nothing special happend. Except that I split
the homework up with Mirna and I let Jose borrow the damn
questions and he forgot to give them back to me!!! Damn
you Jose!! Now I have to find a way to get the questions
and do them, then type them up and send them to Mirna.
AHHH!!! Goodness everytime I try to do something nice and
good for a change something always goes wrong. As if, I am
not fit to do right. CRAZY SHISNITZ. Well me and my baby
have been going out for about a month and a half. And we
have no problems except that he lives so far but he always
manages to pop up here or I pop up over there :x. :D. Yeah
well im getting fat!! I dont have much to write today
nothing exciting happend. Im starting to feel a little
morning sickness but no that cant be it. I have the
craziest craving for a bacon and sourcream samich. Crazy
shisnitz. Yeah okay I cant take it anymore imma go get my
samich cuz I have nothing else to write. Oh wait. Yeah
well like the day before yesterday Sniper told me that he
had had a crazy azz dream, and I asked him what it was
about and he finally told me that the dream was about his
friend telling him that I was pregnant by someone else and
that him and his friend went looking for the other guy.
Crazy. Yeah well then that same day I dreamed that I was
in the delivery room and that I turned to see the chic
that was in labor next to me and it was his friends
girlfriend the same friend that had told him that I was
pregnant by someone else. Crazy dreams. Yeah well thats
about the coolest thing I have to talk about. Sweet
dreams. Dont let the bed bugs bite.. literally cuz that
shit hurts when they do.

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