Jess's Journal
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2002-10-23 00:51:45 (UTC)

My Mind Babbles

Happy are we who forget all the pain, ignore all evil, and
forgive the unforgiving. Who are we to hold grudges against
the world? Shouldn't the world hold grudges against us?
We're the ones who are ruining and abusing it. If we keep
going that way we won't be here and all exisistance will
cease as we know it. It'll be all our fault and there will
be no taking back. Expect the unexpected. Why shouldn't you
form your life? Why let it or other people form you? You're
your own person. Take charge. Did you notice how some songs
get you to think? I mean really think (analyze) and most of
them you can fit some emotion you're feeling in. And when
you look back at your ex's it's either what was I thinking,
what if something had been different, if you were still
together would you still be happy or how can I get back to
being that happy again. It's a thinker. I sometimes wonder
if I was gone, would people miss me and what would my life
be like if everyone I ever cared about just disappeared.
Why do people make promises they can't keep? All it leads
to is a major let down, so why even make it? Am I really
all that you say I am? I didn't know I was that great. I
want to be like you say I just didn't think I
was. "Difficulties are meant to rouse, not discourage"-
William Ellery Channing. Did you notice that all quotes by
people from the past hit you (or at least some) thoughts
right on the button? Well sometimes. But then again, some
are the complete opposite of what I am thinking. I
sometimes wonder why I was born with a brain. I think too
much. I think about like everything. When I get to where I
want to be, who will I end up being with? I wonder what
friends I will keep, which ones I'll never hear from again,
and the ones I will make. Yet there are still people who
seem to disappoint me every now and then. Like ____ for
instance. I'll just keep the name to myself. "I'd like to
be rich enough so I could throw soap away after the letters
are worn off" or maybe not quite that rich. But it doesn't
matter because I use the Bath & Body Works gel body wash.
I've realized that my life is somewhat not fair. Here's
why, what I want, I never get. Well, I can't say never.
Just most likely. Can I kiss you? (Yeah I hear you all
saying no). Just felt like asking. I have a tendency to
speak my mind. Which may or may not be a good thing. Why
does everyone just assume I'm smart? I mean come on,
sometimes I do not know the answer! I just use my brain
when I'm supposed to. It's really not at all difficult. You
just have to study. But I only tend to remember the
interesting stuff. Most others I forget.