Unspoken Truth

Thoughtz I've Neva Said
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2002-10-23 00:35:24 (UTC)

whuz been goin' on

iight today is tuesday. i haven't written in more dan a
week. sry 'bout dat. hmm. iight nuttin' too excitin'
happened last week. well, thingz probly happened but i dont
memba dem now. ok friday i got 5 dayz of I.S.S. for bein'
disruptive again and for havin' 6 write upz. my I.S.S
startz wednesday (tomorrow) and stopz on tuesday. i hate
her she is soooo crazy. uhh friday nite we went over to
shaun'z wit jenn, steph, jon, and mark. we all got so drunk
of our ass'z it whuz too funny. den i stayed da nite der.
it whuz kool. (oh yea sarah came ova to shaun'z for a lil'
while) i whuz hangin' out wit jon most of dat nite. i like
him he'z nice. oh and his body is bangin' DA-DA-DAMN! dat
whuz all for dat nite. uhh saturday i went to da moviez and
saw "abandon" it whuz pretty good until da ending. da movie
just kinda stopped. i whuz like..dat whuz 'bout worthless.
den we were gonna go in and see anotha movie "white
oleander", but me and steph were walkin' 'round and dey
asked us 'bout our ticketz and since we didn't have one we
had to leave, so mark and jenn came wit us. we went ova to
applebee'z and got sum dinner. den we went home. on sunday
nuttin' too important really happened. hmm i dont even
memba sunday. oh yea. erin had a lil volleyball party. and
i went just to be doin' sumthin'. it whuz kool. i didnt kno
most of da people but it whuz still fun. hector showed up.
he whuz lookin' hella good. yumm. i luv dos mexicanz. hehe.
erin likez him now. she got a lil' tounge action wit him at
da party. go erin go erin. hehe. she can have him, i just
like admirin' his fine mexicaness. haha. im an idiot. ok
monday nuttin happened really. ms.aiken (da horrible
teacher) kicked me outta class again i dont kno y. oh and
dis gurl whuz startin' stuff wit me on da bus and den she
whuz like threatenin' me sayin she whuz gonna beat me up
and stuff. da bus driver hurd us and sent us to da office.
i didnt get in trouble but she got suspended. hehe. and dat
whuz monday. today uhh...whuz kinda a usual day. ms.aiken
sent me outta class again cuz i whuz writtin' dis note to
jenn. and den she took it away from me. and it said stuff
like i hate ms.aiken, she is sucha fucking bitch and stuff.
hahaha im in so much shit. i gotta see da principle 'bout
dat tomorrow. and dat whuz school. den i came home. took a
lil' nap nap. den went to kohl'z to get sum clothez. i got
a new pair of jeanz, two shirtz, and sum scooby-doo jami
pantz(so cute) den i went to da grocery stoer wit my momz.
she got sum stuff and i picked out sum make-up and gel. den
i came home and now im on da computa. datz whuz been
happenin'. isn't life GRAND!! hehe. oh i dont really kno
who im afta or who i like at da moment. jon, i think so?
gage, mayb? and i dont really kno? oh well. until next

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