pollen makes me sneeze
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2001-08-06 22:05:30 (UTC)

how typical

yesterday after school me and vanessa took the bus to pizza
hut and it turned out to be a complete waste of time
because some girl named leanne wasn't there and she had the
application forms and the guy said we had to come back on
thursday if we wanted jobs. how typical. and typical, it
started raining on the way back so we had to hang out for
like, half an hour until the stupid bus came, and typical,
it was late. then i had to walk all the way home from the
bus stop and by the time i finally got back it was five
thirty and i was soaked. typical, typical, typical.

so we're going back on thursday, i guess, with imogen and
maybe elizabeth.

astrid's sick, and she and claudia are sitting around in
front of the tivi watching teletubbies, and it's very
irritating because i can still hear "eh-oh" through the

damn, damn, damn.

yesterday was a complete waste of time.

dum dum. well i better get going. i'm already late for
school and i've got a whole double period of drama to look
forward to. how fun [not] but at least that student teacher
who used to pick on me all the time is gone.


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