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2002-10-22 23:24:05 (UTC)

goodbye is too good a word babe, so ill just say fare thee well

eh what a day.

i woke up with a smile on my face.
and to an extremly cute message from my baby.
yeah i dont know.
right now im not doing so hot.

i saw the freakiest fucking movie today.

the ring.


really weird.

apparently i was supposed to have seen it with emily, i
dont remember that. but, my memory is notorious for having

it makes me feel like shit though.
i wish she would had said something before i saw it.
or just not said anything after i saw it.
whatever i suppose.

i told her today about fsu.

as i probably should have expected, she hasnt really said
anything about it.

or rather, she has nothing to say.

which...is fine. i suppose.

i just feel like she never opens up to me. she never tells
me how shes feeling, and it drives me crazy.

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