gold fish
2002-10-22 21:58:26 (UTC)


i hate my dad.. he fuckin just beat me.. im about to walk
out of my house. I cant deal with his shit no more. He
flips on me when hes drunk..and even when hes not drunk. I
didn't start to cry until he left the house because i dont
want him to think he has power over me i just cry b4 i go
to sleep or if he goes out. thank god hes goin out tonight
for a couple hours.. but then again its a bar .. so when he
gets home ill just act like im sleeping.. Hes a worthless
scumbag and i dont love him. i just want to leave. I cant
take this shit any more. I dont want another episode of my
mom. He thinks his shit dont stink and that he treats us
so well and that we treat him like crap. I dont i just dont
talk to him unless he talks to me. I dont have any reason
to. If he hits me i will not talk to the fat bastard. If he
ever lays his nasty hands on me again i will leave.. ill
walk to where ever.. dont give where.. but somewhere.. and
you wanna kno why he did this? because i didnt answer the
fone fast enough.. then he threatend to send me to
bootcamp.. i said go for it u fuck..ahh u dont kno how much
he pisses me off.. i cant wait for school tomorrow... he
makes me wanna go even more. w.e. i dont care about him at
all not one bit.. he can go play in traffic.