Thoughts arrive like butterflies
2001-08-06 19:58:53 (UTC)


When the fork eats the spoon
and the knife stabs
the face reflected in the plate
Dinner is over...
~Mr Manson


Stained Glass

In the wooden silence
genuflecting fornicators
seek penance and
false-toothed idealists
throw grubsteaks on the offering plate

light a candle for the sinners
light a fire

Self-pronounced prophet, parable-speaking Protestant
preaches his diatonic dogma
disemboweling indescreetly

the worls looks beter through stained glass
light a candle for the sinners
set the world on fire

Falsified factualities;
All sitting like eager sponges,
soaking up the tertiary realities of life.

Yes, it's true, I have nothing better to do with my time
than to write out poems by Mr Manson...Boredom forced me to
do it...but I like the

Hopefully...if I can..i'll write more of my own, but i'm
too bored to do anything.
Yes, i'm also a lazy bitch but, what the hell, isn't