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2002-10-22 21:27:54 (UTC)

An end to the MISERY?

should i start this entry with a QUESTION?

i miss danielle.. she hasnt called me or anything and im
sad because i dont want to totally lose touch with her..
she hasnt talked to Mia either or Kate or Dan or anyone and
it worrys me..
my family situation is very stressful. mom is unemployed.
dad is trying to start a band with Terry - has an ear ring,
plays guitar, cool by me - and Terrys friend umm Jason? hmm
i dont know.. the possibilities are endless, but limited
just the same. you know how it goes.
Jay might take me to get my labret and the side of my
labret pierced wednesday or this weekend or something.
watch if i get it dont ill come home and my mom will 1)
make me take out the rings and 2) never let me hang out
with Jay again lmao.. maybe i should just get my tongue
pierced and just keep my mouth shut.. hey if i do that and
keep my mouth shut i really score 'cause i get to keep the
ring AND i wont get grounded ( i tend to be a smartass..

ive been talking to Katie a little bit lately. the thought
of actually being friends with her again scares me. i dont
know if its really something i want to do. honestly i never
wanted to have to see her again.. but then again shes an
awesome person and id love to be friends with her.. i dunoo
either way its wierd.. either were friends and were cool
with each other n shit or we see eachother all the time
(our friends are friends.. and im goin back to LF next
year) and its just painful ^screaming^ silence.. oh well ill
just see where this one goes ::shrugs::

ive been hanging out with this kid Ben, yah hes cool lol.
hes im by best class and he rides my bus. we listen to the
same wide array of music we get a long really good. we
kinda have the same sick/dumb sense of humor.. hes kinda
like me cept hes a guy lol.. we both have basically the
same taste in girls too haha how wierd..

Kate wore baggy pants today. shocking. awesome.
spiffilicious. the curiosity becomes overwhelming
(underwhelming?). shes awesome man. shes fun to hang out
with, awesome to talk to, shes really sweet, she has good
musical tase {thank gawd!), she wears cool clothes, shes
NOT a homophobe and wow that rawks.. shes friends with
jonathan yahoo. i luv kate. kates a rad chikka. her and her
boyfriend Jake are fighting, i think theyre gonna break up.
makes me sad. makes me wonder if i habve a chance with her
if shes not ::involved:: hmm the possibilities..

Chrystina is..
a bitch
self absorbed/selfish
a cock sucker!
a player I dislike Chrystina very much
SKANKY as of today.. and
smelly i dont care to be friends
stupid with her any longer...
stuck up

This really really ^CutE^ girl (i dont know her name!) kept
checkin me out in the halls today.. jonathan said she knows
im friends with him and was askin him about me, stuff like
if it was bi/lesbian and would i be interested in her and
did i think she was cool and all this stuff. i was like AWE
shes soo cute and i like older girls (junior-hmm) and she
seems like a completely awesome person so why the hell not
get to know her?! shes going out with some fat bitch.. yuck
you should see her, me n kate call her ROLLY ha if you
think about it youd understand.. but anyways ^nameless^
doesnt really like her (lets hope not) and would soo break
up with her and go out with me {as she told Jonathan}
BUT WHAT ABOUT KATE! im confused. Kate rawks.. but i dont
even really know ^nameless^ (or even her name gawd) to
decide who i like better.. well time is my friend in this
case.. and THEN theres ben.. and aaron.. and CLAIRE
(awesome chikka wow) and CAN I JUST HAVE THEM ALL!?
*sigh* ::shrugs:: da-da-da-DAMN!

Yesterday was Jays (Jay=Jayme=JAMIE) birthday! were gonna
par~tay on the weekend yayaya whoohoo. her age is
disclosed, hah. i love jay, shes a "RAD/" kid uhm hmm yes
sirEE.. i havent really got a chance to talk to her lately
need my da-da-da-douche back NOW! PRONTO! lmao.. seafood
anyone? lmao jk sick sick ewwie yuck.

MONICA I LOVE YOU! im sorry you go through so much shit,
CPS are HOMOS and they need to die.. id kill them if i
could lol. ::cyber hug!::

^Jay is on WEED

but anyways.. i guess thats all for now.. i mean ha its a
lot so i should be done. ill try to write more often.

Hasta Luego {GAWD i told myself i wouldnt learn anything in
that class!}


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