mental illness, yes it is real..

isn't life grand ??
2002-10-22 21:11:09 (UTC)

not feeling well......

it is tues 10/22/02 1654hrs, i am here at work , i am not
feeling that well. Lisa was sick last night, not sure if it
was somethin she ate or what, but i came home and cuddled
with her then went to sleep. This morning, she still wasnt
feelin too good, better than last night, but still
queezy.after we got kids off to school we did our usual lil
nap, and when we got up, I wasnt feelin too good, just lil
queezy, not totally nausious, but not normal either. I was
and still am more depressed and tired than usual, not sure
if it cause i am feedin off lisa or not. I love lisa with
every cell of my heart, she is the blood in my veins, the
air that i breathe, my heart and my soul.
I truly hope that she is feelin better, and i cant wait to
be back in her arms.
In other news, a new monster has been created, thank you
very much Krispy Kreme Doughnut Co.
On sun after work , i stopped for the 1st time at the only
Krispy Kreme in the state, and I picked up 1 dz of their
original doughnuts. If you have never had them, please be
advised that they are very addicting. They are a legal
drug, 1 bite and you are hooked. On way to work on mon, I
stopped again, picked up 2 dz more, 1 dz for work, and 1 dz
for home. AND, on way homw from work on mon, I STOPPED
AGAIN, and got ANOTHER DZ FOR HOME !!!!!!that makes 2 dz at
home, and i am betting that they will be gone tommorow.
I do have a small inside tip that is affording my ability
to stay supplied in this delicious treat, and I hope that
it lasts. The local Krispy Kreme (only the 2nd in the state)
is schedualed to open on nov 19, and i am not really
lookin forward to that, as i am certain it will cause
considerable grief for a while for my job.
Tommorow i am takin the geek down to see my kids he is very
excited, i think he think we are gonna stop a doughnut
shop, lol no way... gonna try to make this a once a week
deal from now on. I am gonna ask lisa if I can take kids
out to dinner , probably taco bell, or wendys.
I would like to make it an early night, I want to be in
lisas arms more than anything.
We also think we have come up with solution for wedding
location, gonna see if we can use chapel at hospital. It
will be a semi-formal small non-denominational location,
just what we are lookin for. so, that is it for now, i will
write more as desire hits....