Connilee's Life Journal
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2002-10-22 21:01:53 (UTC)


you beefed up a librarian, it was interesting to you
you look down on my accomplishments, you say i have none
I cant live outside of her shadow,
im not a literature-director-over-achiever-pimp
I have bad grammar and my spelling is going to hell
I don't have million dollar parents,
everything I touch wont turn to gold.
I don't have a family, she has rich ones
I want to fall in love
you don't want me to love you
your loves been jaded
I want a future, I want a family
you don't make me a better person
your cranky in the morning
I love my mornings
I want to stay, you want me to leave
im crazy about you all the time, you have your up and downs
you don't like my dog, I fell in love with yours
I want to show you off, you don't want to leave your house
you think im fat, I don't think im sexy
yours is better than mine
you say mean things

there's a stubborn magnetic pull that keeps me here
that laa laa land without the legal contract or silver ring
I wish your love wasn't so tainted
then maybe I wouldn't be in her shadow