80% Illusion
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2002-10-22 20:40:18 (UTC)

First Kiss

It's so cold out that you can see your breath, she is
shivering beside you..you take a
moment to look at her, your eyes traveling down her curves,
wondering how you could
ever be with someone so perfect. She was the right one for
you, and this was the perfect
night..the stars were bright, and the sky was solid black.
You could smell her perfume, as
she edged nearer to you, and you wondered if it was an
opening. You offer her your coat,
but she declines, and you go back to staring at the stars
together, both deep in thought
about eachother. You are wondering if you should kiss her,
in this time just before you
knew she had to leave. There was comfortable silence, not
awkward, just enjoying being
so close. The whole night she had come out of her shell to
you, and you wondered if there
ever was a possibility. Thoughts raced in your
mind.."Should I hold her, should I kiss
her?" The whole while, you don't know that she is
thinking, "Should I move even closer? I
love him..I love being here..I want him to kiss me" You
have no idea she is thinking these
thoughts, but you look deeply into her eyes, and she
returns the look with intense passion.
You both lean in to kiss...but then her ride calls, and she
leaves..her first kiss...unfullfilled..

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