My Life
2001-08-06 18:28:50 (UTC)


I know camp is 6 days away, but i couldn't help myself i
started to pack today. i just get so excited, it's my
favourite place to be in the whole wide world! no worries,
no guys, just 75 girls and 130 horses, it's the greatest
thing in the whole world! I gotta make sure i don't forget
anything so i started packing realy early! plus i know
taht once the week progresses i'm gonna have less time to
pack. i mean tuesday night laura and lisa are sleeping
over and then wednesday we're going to the mall and going
riding *horses* and then thursday i'm going out with dave
jenna and *BRAD* then friday i have to work and saturday is
my birthday and i dont wanna have to be packign on my
birthday, so here i am! anyways i gotta get back to
packing, i just thought i'd check in
I'm out!