The Muffin Man

My Favorite Courdaroys
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2002-10-22 15:12:58 (UTC)

Its been awhile

I really like the starting line they are a cool band. I
especially like this lyric:

"We reflect on miscommunication, and misunderstandings, and
missing eachother too..."

Yeah thats a really cool lyric. Wells thats all I really
have to say but I said Id tell you bout the concert. Yeah
I know its been a week since I said that.

It was really cool. The opening band The Kicks I didnt
think they would be very good at all. But the kicked much
butt. The starting line was great too. The played a kick
ass set and I just really liked them. RBF. What can I
say. They rocked so hard. Lol. They played all the great
songs they have. I continue the tradition of getting hit
in the head at their concerts. 3 times. Once with a water
bottle, then a chick got pushed and her head slammed into
mine sending it back and making a hot chick bite me in the
head. Lol. Yeah it was fun.


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