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2001-08-06 18:06:25 (UTC)


my records are due tonite for the state fair and i'm not
done. i just started them this morning so i should be workin
on them now, but i don't feel like it. i wanna talk to
michelle instead. that sounds like more fun. i can't wait
till state fair! it's gonna be awesome. i'm really gettin
hungry for those cookies that chelle and i are gonna get.
yummy. i can taste them now. i hafta wait a couple weeks to
get them tho. oh well, cuz after that we hafta go to school.
icky!!!!! the only good thing is that i get to see everyone
again. i really should work on my fair project. if it's no
further when my mom gets home, i'm gonna be in so much
trouble! that's not a good thing. cuz then mom's gonna be
crabby for the rest of the day. i'm gonna go work on it now.
icky it doesn't sound like fun but i gotta do what i gotta

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