Behind the Manic Utopia
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2002-10-22 13:41:42 (UTC)


I was sitting around, thinking about things, then
of course, Liz came to mind, but it didn’t bother me as
much as it used to. My friends are all getting
girlfriends again, I really do miss it, feeling loved by
someone, have some “fun”. Well thanks to my experiences
with Liz, I sign it in blood, I shall never love again,
not until I would die for that person. I have seen the
mistakes I have made, I shall never take that path of love
again. Thanks Liz, thanks for letting me see the light.
I really apreatiate it. On other news, I have joined a
band, we should be practicing soon. Probably this
Thursday. But guess what, guess who our bassist is, you
guessed it Liz. What the fuck was I thinking asking her
to play. I guess this shows my dedication to music, I
just want this bad to work, I will do whatever it takes.
I just am feeling really lonely now, missing that feeling,
but hay, maybe somebody will come along right? Well I
have to go and finish my networking lab.

Blessed bee

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