random mumblings
2002-10-22 13:05:10 (UTC)

i had a dream...

and it was a crazy one too...i was in a hurricane and for
some reason i was hiding outside (don't ask me) and all my
shit came flying out the windows and broke. i was pissed
off. i have a feeling that dreams mean something so we'll
see what happens. i had a phone interview yesterday at a
place doing something stupid like what i did before and
tomorrow i have a bunch of testing from 1-4 so we'll see
how that goes...i guess i'll have to shave :)

so now i'm gonna comment on a t.v. show i watched this
morning called "the new music" on muchmusic. for people
who aren't canadian, muchmusic is basically canada's
version of mtv. i'm sure there's a transcript ontheir
website www.muchmusic.com about this show. anyways, it
was about pirating music and downloading this (as i'm
listening to treblecharger's "hundred million" that i
downloaded yesterday) :) i have no problem downloading
music. i went to the record store and at least 80% of the
cds cost $21.99 or more. i go to a used cd store and they
cost $11. $21.99 is a lot to pay for a cd that most
likely has a lot of shit on it. yes i will buy public
enemy and jimi and a couple of my other favorites and
things that i like that i find on the web, but i say fuck
the music industry for screwing us for so long on prices.
if the artists want to make money, go tour ;)


fell in love with a girl
fell in love once and almost completely
she's in love with the world
but sometimes these feelings
can be so misleading

she turns and says "are you alright?"
i said "i must be fine cause my heart's still beating"
"come and kiss me by the riverside, yeah
bobby says it's fine
he don't consider it cheating, now"

red hair with a curl
mellow roll for the flavor
and the eyes for peeping
can't keep away from the girl
these two sides of my brain
need to have a meeting

can't think of anything to do, yeah
my left brain knows that
all love is fleeting
she's just looking for soemthing new
and i said it once before
but it bears repeating now

YEAH! she asks "are you alright" i said "i must be fine
cause my heart's still beating" ;)