Lady Xanax

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2002-10-22 10:47:53 (UTC)

Over a Bleeding Year Later

What has Lady Xanax been up to since that last entry
over a year ago? Well, the Summer School thing was a blast!
It was liberating. For once in my life I could take care of
myself with no one looking over my shoulder. I had some
really good experiances, and met some wonderful people. As
for the new school, I hated it at first, but now I like it.
I realized that the people I once thought were my friends
were not. I have real friends now. It is nice.
My sixteenth year has held many things. Mein engel and I
are still together, but we did split over the summer. I
have learned of the pleasure and evils of infedelity and my
head hangs heavy with guilt.
I did try bulemia, but as it is, I still make the kool-
aid man look good.
I suppose as I am a year older, I should come up with
another principal. What have I learned in the past year?

16) Trust blindly. YOu might get hurt, but suspician drives
a wedge between two people faster than anything else.

Stay wilder than the wind . . .