Meshed Up
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2002-10-22 10:37:12 (UTC)

blah blurp blah

ergh. got a headache. must be from doing so much research.
have i ever said that uni sucks? well uni definitely sucks.

i've realized how much i value my nights alone. nights like
this where i just sit in front of the computer screen, do
my assignments, and talk to people on the net.

well, some things have crossed my mind. but i don't feel
like talking about them right now. my brain is completely
drained of its juices.

don't feel like writing much. and i can't find 'teenage
angel' by addict. where on earth are the kazaa users out
there? i want that bloody song and i can't find it.

oh yeah. screwed up world today. had a bomb scare in
melbourne uni a few hours ago. sad to say, it was most
probably just a hoax. and i live around 5 minutes (walking
distance) away from melbourne uni.


She's in love but she doesn't know what she needs or how to
let go.
It feels like being married, she was to young to miscarry
She says "Bye bye my childhood dream man
I will keep in touch if I can spend the best years of my
life with you !"
Happens every time you start to lose yourself
You turn to blame the one that loves you the most,
to stay and work it out is harder than to run away
So she leaves a note because to his face she couldn't say
"Bye bye my teenage angel
I don't know how the spell was broken
I don't know what I'm doing but I'll miss you."

teenage angel