It smells like poop over here
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2002-10-22 07:42:07 (UTC)

i was just outside having a..

i was just outside having a cigarette, and i looked up
at the full moon. did you ever see...wait, i want to say an
adam sandler movie, but im pretty sure it was "joe dirt"
when david spade is talking about looking up at that moon
and wondering if his parents were looking at it at that
same moment, so it was almost like they were together. i
was just looking at the moon, and thinking about chrissy. i
was wondering about her. i figured she was sleeping, with
justin. i pictured her laying on her side, kind of curled
up, with justin's arm around her, resting his head on her
shoulder. fucker, he probably sleeps with his blue hat on
too. i hate that guy. at least chad was cool.
why can't i be with chrissy? she's 4 years older, and
way out of my league, but i always see these chatchy guys
with their hot girlfriends. why can't i have that?
i suppose it would change my life completly if i did
in fact get to date her. my relationship with rich would be
different, he'd say "wanna do something?" and id have to
say "im going to so and so with chris. what are you up to
tomorrow...shit, i told chris we'd blah blah blah." cause
i'd be totally whipped cause im a fucking pussy. i suppose
it would be that way with any girl. i just don't think i
was meant to date girls. im not saying i was meant to date
guys, cause im not gay. guys are gross, fat, hairy and
smell. im a loner, by force and choice. buy my god, i love


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