2001-08-06 16:32:42 (UTC)

August 6, 2001

This week was interesting. On Tuesday I went to the Rush
Hour 2 premier with Jeff. The movie was great, but geez, I
had such a boring time. I swear I was fishing for
conversation with him. I hate that! Why is he so depressing
and quiet? I don't get it. Thank god we went into FAO
Shwartz to kill some time because I at least got to amuse
myself with the toys. Oh, and during the movie I swear I was
going to smack him...... every time that Zhang Ziyi was on
screen he had to make some comment or noise about how fine
she is. Then as we were exiting the theater he put his hands
on my waist and I got the ickiest feeling in the world.....
the "please get your hands off of me before I yak" feeling.
I don't like having that feeling. Geez, even if I weren't
dating Will I would never be able to date him. Especially
because it seems that the only time he can openly talk to me
is when he is drunk. What the hell is that?! Anyway,
Wednesday was boring until that evening. After Ray was done
hanging out with Melanie he picked me up and we grabbed some
food and went to his place to watch the MTV 20th anniversary
special. Thursday is when Will messed up. He made me sad
that day. He called me that afternoon and asked if I was
doing anything later that night. I told him that I wasn't
and so he said that he would call me later to do something.
Well, he never called me and I got pretty upset. I think
that I did overreact a bit, but that was probably just the
pms. So I called Hieu and I was crying. She got irate for me
and tried tracking him down. He called me around 10, while
he was at Rico's house and we talked for a while. I never
did tell him that I was upset, but that's okay because Hieu
let him know. He did feel bad about it and that's okay. He
did make up for it on Friday, so that's cool. He took me to
the Del Mar race track to watch the horses. He bet on 3 of
the races and he won $50 off of one of them. Afterwards we
watched a concert and that was really cool. He held my hand
and he held me from behind during the concert..... it was