I'm a girl, not a band!!!
2002-10-22 05:24:23 (UTC)


I was driving home this evening from work at about 8:30. I
had both windows open being as it was a balmy 80 degrees
here in Scorelando. As I was driving along I saw 6 police
cars cross the road ahead of me into an apartment complex.
It got me to thinking.

I'm the kind of person who likes plans. Ever since I was
little, I had it all planned out what I'd do if my parents
were suddenly killed. Being the oldest, I felt it my
responsibility to keep my family together. Of course, now
I'm 22 and my parents haven't mysteriously died at the
exact same time so I've never had to put my plan into

So, back to this evening. I was driving along and passed
the complex where the cops were and realized as I was
stopped at the light that with both my windows open,
anyone could jump into my car. And so I started to make a
plan about what I'd do if that happened.

First of all, I only have about half a tank of gas in the
car so unless he (or she) was buying fuel, we wouldn't be
going far. Secondly, I wouldn't go home cause if they got
away with carjacking and kidnapping me, I wouldn't want
them to know where I lived. Thirdly, I work at a store
where the uniform is an apron. I happen to have a box
cutter (aka razorblade) in one of the pockets of my apron.
It was the only weapon that I had.

That thought immediately led me to wonder if I could
really cut someone with a knife. I hadn't figured a weapon
that the perp (haha, perp is a great word!) would have
into my plan, so I just don't know if I could cut an
unarmed person. But then an unarmed person wouldn't be as
threatening in a kidnapping as an armed one I suppose.

The moral of this story could be that I just closed my
windows. But I refuse to live my life in fear of what
could happen.

*reading over what has been written and shaking my head* I
am soooooo odd.