Diary of Stuff (Volume I)
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2002-10-22 04:18:42 (UTC)

sum crap (that were my days)

Well, I haven't written anything as of late, pretty much
because everything has been the same for the past few
days, ...weeks, ...months, ...years? I went to the beach a
few days ago, and had my troubled mind soothed by the
waters of the Gulf. While wading through the water up to
my shins, I spotted a black mass of *something* moving
through the water not very far off, and so stared at it and
tracked it until I could guess what it was. It was a
school of manta rays! I couldn't believe what I was
seeing! I thought surely manta rays would not make an
appearance here, now, while I was there...?? Nevertheless,
I walked further into the ocean to get a better look, and
then it seemed as if their course had changed, and that
they were veering towards me! I stood and waited, and sure
enough, they were heading straight for me, so I waited
until close to the very last instant, and then took a few
steps back, and they suddenly veered away as soon as I took
my first step. At the same time, it looked as if the ones
closer to me broke the surface of the water as if to wave,
or say hi, or acknowledge my presence. It was very, very
weird, to say the least. As the sun began to set, its light
got filtered through the atmosphere and casted everything
in a dark orange hue, as evidenced by the reflective
orangeness of the once white sand, and the waters a deeper
blue, and of course ourselves, looking beautiful in orange
in the surreal environment that we were in.

When we finally left, it was like we had to say goodbye to
creation, and then headed for Toys-R-
Us ...where ...things ...were ...less ...interesting
toys everywhere, games on a two-for-one sale, my middle
child scared to tears from fright by my older child's game
of putting on a scary rubber mask and sneaking up on
him the time we left, we were famished and had to get
something to eat ...that being done, we stopped by a video
store, and used a coupon and picked up Scorpion King, and
Scooby Doo. While watching those flicks, Scorpion King
reminded me of the Hercules television show, and Scooby Doo
reminded me of Austin Powers, just a little though, not
wanting to taint an old classic with a newer one...

I went to confession, at the urging of my wife.
Since I had to work the next morning, I needed a car to
take me to work so my wife could use the van for Sunday
school, the next day. She called her dad, and we went to
his place late in the afternoon. His wife was having some
sort of trouble with her business calculus take-home
assignment, so I looked at it, and found where her error
was. It was the projectile in a gravitational field
equation, and for some reason, she was not told what the
value of gravity was, so I told her it was 32 ft/s^2, and
the equation came out nicely. It had been many many years
since I had to do problems like that, and it immediately
brought back a feeling of immense power and control that I
hadn't felt in a long time, from possessing a complete
knowledge of basic math, and especially that of
calculus... Also, my youngest one was running around
outside, holding a slice of apple in each hand, where he
then lost his footing and fell face first onto the
concrete. I was inside while it happened, but if I had
been outside, I am sure I would have possessed enough sense
to know that this could have occurred, and would have been
prudent enough to take the apples out of his hand.....can
we say, DUH!!!!!!!!!! He has a nasty bump on his lip,
because of someone's error...
Later that evening, my own mother called and said that she
had made spaghetti for us all, so I traipsed down the
street where she lived, and helped her carry the crockpot
full of spaghetti and meatballs back to our own house,
where she followed with the noodles...
My wife's father then called back, not too long after, and
told her that our checkbook must have fallen outside of her
bag, because it was there... I went back to pick it up.

I went to work in the morning, and tried to work as fast as
I could, because I wanted to get out early enough to meet
my wife at Sunday school, but near the end, I was appointed
a task that was going to be a while, and so I got stuck
there until 11:00 am, which left me just enough time to get
to Mass. In receiving the Host, I noted that it wasn't the
circular wafer that I usually got, but a broken pie wedge
piece... I didn't think nothing of it, until last night,
when I realized that it was from the big piece that the
priests use when they themselves receive it, and so I asked
my wife if she had gotten a broken piece as well, and she
said no, and that she thinks that the priests like to give
it out selectively... I chuckled at this, and wondered
what that was all
We then drove back to her father's house, and dropped off
his car, and I went inside to tell his wife that I figured
out another problem that she had the night before which I
couldn't was taking the second derivative of a
function of x, where there were two x's with differing
exponents multiplied together, and I had forgotten that in
a case like this, you add the exponents together, instead
of trying to solve each one separately... it turned out
that she was studying with two other of her classmates, and
one of them had already solved it this way...

Went and got a flu shot with the wife, and also my middle
child was due for his 3-shot ordeal because of his age.
Got home, got bored, went to the local college library,
checked out a couple of books...(when will I ever learn?
Probably never, i guess, lol...)